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great stuff you have already seen!!

Hoods Woods
Great site for survival information
and  the best Survival Instruction videos around!

Tactical Operations Products
(Great Knives for most any task!)

Adironcack Dodge Parts
If you own a military Surplus vehicle,
this is the best place to get the parts you need!

Michael Bennet's Web Page
Great site with LOTS of good Survival Information!!
(Mike, Sorry it took so long to get this link up!)

Bobs Place
Great Mini-Kit ideas!!!!!!

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.
Selling 18th and 19th Century clothing and Camping gear
They have the Riflemans Frock!

Windsong Primitives
Great primitive skills Info!
Primitve events calander and more!

Ragnar's Ragweed Forge
Great Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish knives!,
Great Prices!!

The Escape Co.
Emergency, Survival, Camping And Preparedness Equipment

Great Resource!!

Survival Resources
Great Resource for Survival Kit contents!

A neat page showing the
building of a Wickiup

On Scene Tactical
Makers of Fine synthetic Sheaths for all your Blade ware!

Topo Zone
Great site for USGS Topographic maps
Backpacking Camping,Paddling Supplys

Foggy Mountain Hunting Scents and Lures
supplys hunters with masking scents and deer drawing scents 

Razorback Knives 
custom hunting and survival knives

Total Camp

Good source for camping gear

Gateway Knives
Hunting, Backpacking Camping,Paddling And Survival Knives

   The Hand-drill
Alan Halcon's web site
dedicated to primitive fire making

International Dutch Oven Society
Great site for recipes, tips and tricks for cast iron
Dutch ovens and other CI pots and pans

Northridge International
Good Military Surplus!
Be Ready Wisconsin
A great site for Disaster prep: A member of the Pine Home Family!
Kentuckey Walking Sticks
Fine hand made wood walking sticks

The Wilderness Learning Center
Wilderness skills and survival school in northern NY.
Marty Simon is owner and chief instructor, great instrcution, first class school!

Swenson Knives
Wonderful Custom Outdoor Cutlery
Great Source for Wilderness Survival and Preparedness Gear


The Hoodlums Forum
Forum for Hoods Woods, producer of top notch survival videos
Forum for John Gibbin's site..Great Board       

Forums with great survival and preparedness instruction, info etc.
Plainsmans Cabin
A long standing forum for those interested in urban and wilderness survival
">Great Forum for general survival discussion with an emphisis on Preparedness
 Survivalist Boards


Non Survival Related  Sites

Realm of Nicodemus
Really cool guy from ren fair who
works as one of the Queen's Guard (Security) 

The Krieger Guild
event based warrior society
specialzing in the art of the sword