Back Woods
Homestead Cooking

Submitted by members of , Hoodlums Forum, Pine Home forum andPlainsman's Cabin Forum. 
We have also added listings from our own experieces making the odd things at home. Cheers!
The intent of this page is to show you a few of our favorite recipes for use  in the home and afield.
A self sufficient homestead is never complete without a gooly supply of recipes that allow you to make at home your favorite foods without buying mass produced versions.
Old West Potato Soup
Potato soup, fry some bacon. add 2 or 3 medium-sized patatoes that
> have been cubed. add enough water to cover. simmer until tender. than
> add salt, butter, and a cup of milk, and bring just to a boil.
(Don Sincavage)

Primitive cooking range:
Take 2 Fresh cut (Green) logs both about the size of your calf.
Place them 2 feet apart. Add two forked stakes one at each end for hanging
pots. if you want to use it for warmth, add a reflector.
This design has the advantage of not needing rocks which if not chosen right
will explode due to expanding steam from moisture within the rocks
Shawn Merritt (The Ridge Runner)

Canteen Cup Pumpkin Bread
Add 2 and 1/3 cup of flower to the Canteen cup, add 1 egg, 5 Tablespoon of
Pumpkin innards (No seeds) 1 teaspoon Molasses, 1 tablespoon of lard, 2
teaspoons of sugar/Brown sugar, 1/4 cup of water .Set canteen cup into coals so that all sides
are covered and place a rock over the top. Bake for 1 hr
Serves 1 (Me usually) This Works good with squash too!

From The Ridge Runner

Chili Vlad

4 lb ground beef round
one onion chopped
one 15 oz can Ranch Style beans
season to taste with
chili powder
groiund cayenne
garlic powder

Vlad (from Plainsman's Cabin)

Ridge Runner's Flap jack/Batter Dip Recipe
Ridgerunner Batter (aka: Ridge Runner's flap jack recipe)
(3 eggs, 3 cups flour,3 teaspoons sugar, 4 tablespoons of apple sauce,4 Tbs of dry milk, 2 cups water
1 glob of strawberry jam ,
beat until uniform in texture.Dole out onto frying pan and fry until it looks like food.
Serve with more gobs and glops of jam or honey, and yes, maple surple works too!

Fish baked in ashes:

Fillet 1/2 pound fish (I prefer walleye).  Salt fillets lightly and
hang over hazel brush.  Build up fire with maple, birch, or alder
and let go to coals. When white ash covers coals, fillet should be
dry on the outside.  Lay fillet on ashes. Check fillet with green
stick occasionally. Let bake until brown spots appear.  Turn fillet
and watch for brown spots on that side.  When they appear, take
fillet off ashes and blow of any ash (not likely) that adheres.
Great baked fish.

From pjjgirard
From the "Primitive" yahoo group

Flat Bread:

Mix flour, water, and  very little salt.  Small amount sugar -
optional.  Knead until dough doesn't adhere to your hands.  If you
have a clean flat spot, you can roll the dough out to 1/8 inch or
less with a two or three inch (clean) piece of firewood.  If not,
make like the pizza man and thin it out by hand.  poke holes in the
flat dough every inch with your knife.  Cook with little or no oil
in frying pan, bottom of kettle, or on a flat rock partially
projected into your fire. Serve warm.  Great with butter - fine
without butter.
From pjjgirard
From the "Primitive" Yahoo group

ginger beer cup

I know this is not tecnically backwoods cooking
but I love ginger beer....and heres a way to make it at home!


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