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Here you will find reviews on many different blades, most of which I have handle or used. Whenever possible I have included the manufacturers specifications for the knives. If you see something that's not quite right, let me know and I will change it.
If you have a good blade that you would like to review, Feel free to E-Mail me with your review and where a Pic of the reviewed blade can be found  and I will be happy to put it up!

New Anaconda
TOPS Anaconda
What you see here is the TOPS Anaconda. This knife, Designed by Ron Hood of Hoods Woods Wilderness Instruction and Mike Fuller of Tactical Operations Products  is a favorite amongst the Porcupines and other Hoodlums all over the country. As a survival tool its Literally TOPS (Excuse the Pun)! The Tanto point makes short work of smaller tasks as well as making the profile of the knife more angular for ease of sharpening in primitive conditions.
The TOPS Anaconda is made from a single piece of 1095 high carbon tool steel and Rockwell's in at about 59-60
the Handles are black Linen Micarta and stand up to the elements better them many other handle materials.
the whole Knife Weighs in at about 3/4 of a pound which makes for a heavy knife, perfect for chopping and other heavy work usually left to longer tools such as hatchets and machetes. This knife has gone through quite a few changes but my first production run A9 has stood the test of time with almost 10 years of service! Blades come in a rugged, custom formed Kydex sheath or a Kydex lined bullistic Nylon sheath.  These sheaths protect the knife as well as being lightweight and durable.

TOPS Steel Eagle 107c
This is the TOPS Steel Eagle 107c  Designed by Mike Fuller of Tactical Operations Products. This knife is smaller than the Anaconda but packs a real wallop. It has good chopping capability as well as a Hunter Style point for those preferring that shape. The TOPS Steel Eagle is made from a single piece of 1095 high carbon tool steel and Rockwell's in at about 59-60. It also shows amazing capability in woodcraft! It feathers sticks well for fire building and notches pretty well too! Its not a Mora or Brusletto but it will handle many wilderness tasks with ease!
the Handles are black Linen Micarta and stand up to the elements better them many other handle materials.
the whole .Blades come in a rugged, custom formed Kydex sheath! This sheath, protects the knife as well as being lightweight and durable.

Cold Steel Survival Rescue Knife
This is the Cold Steel SRK
Survival/Rescue operations demand a versatile knife able to withstand extreme abuse. The SRK® was designed by Lynn Thompson with this in mind. No expense was spared in steel,heat treating and construction. Only expensive surface polishes have been eliminated.
Instead, the blade has a rich black epoxy powder coat to help protect the Sk5 Carbon or AUS 8 Stainless blade ® steel
from the elements. The blade features a tremendously strong clip point that's fine enough for
delicate work, yet possesses enough belly for efficient cutting, slashing and skinning strokes.
At 3/16" of an inch thick, the SRK® offers the sturdiest possible point and edge configuration,
without sacrificing sharpness. Plus, every blade is hand honed to a superb edge that is hair
flinging sharp! The SRK's® handle is made of black Kraton® rubber. It sports a single quillion finger guard
and a checkered non-slip grip. That being said, the SRK is a favorite medium size knife among survivalists as it is durable, holds and edge and chops pretty good too! {From the Ridge Runner: I personally reccomend this blade above many other more expensive models, It performs flawlessly in the field and is not so big as to drag you down. this blade combined with a machete cant be beat! I recently got to handle the New SRK made with San Mai Stainless and it stands as a fine next generation of this blade!}

Gurka Kukri
This is the Gurka Kukri, this one made by Himalayan Imports . This knife is a centuries old design that may be descended for the Greek Copis short sword. Whatever its lineage, it has had a long career as a military knife in the Gurka Regiments in Nepal which dates from the present into antiquity. This knife is by far one of the finest chopping tools for its size out there. The blade forward weight and the belly combine to form a "sweet spot" to use a Baseball term, that just digs right in and gets to work! The handle design is something  that needs getting used to , and you might want to wrap it with sports tape if you are prone to blisters. Otherwise, its a great design. Cold Steel and Ontario both make a more modern version which might suit you. I do however have to say that for the price , traditional designs are much more reasonable to the monetarily impaired individual. In all this is a great Economical outdoor knife that once purchased should give you years of loyal service and many good memories.

USMC Combat Utility Knife
This is the USMC Fighting knife. Known as the K-Bar by many, this knife is possibly one of the most popular outdoor knives ever. Its bowie style 7" blade is made from tough 1095 high carbon steel. This knife has been the official issue knife of the United States Marine Corps in varies forms for many many years. Its a favorite among all the U.S. Military services and its in foreign service around the world. Sportsman like it due to its edge holding characteristics and its brute strength. This knife is also a highly economical survival knife and can be had from many sources. If you would like one, click on the picture for a good mail order company that carries it.


The Rik Palm Clip Witch

I wanted to tell you about a knife I recieved from Witch Blades (Rik Palm's knife Company) its called the Clip Witch neck knife. The Clip Witch was shipped to me in a padded envelope and when I recieved it, I had to check the name on the package to make sure it was actually my knife and not somthing for another member of the household. I have never recieved a knife this way before! Anyway, I opened the package and low and behold, there was my Clip Witch! First thing I did was open the plastic bag it came in and pulled the knife from the sheath. MMMMMMH It fit perfectly in the hand and was light as a feather, exactly what you want in a neck knife. Quickly before I used it I took pictures of it for the Pine Home site and for Rik's site. Since then it has never left my neck. It took it to the woods for the first time and gave it a going over carving tools, trap triggers, peeling bark from limbs and more. This knife laughed at the work! heck it did not even TOUCH the edge on the knife, its as sharp as the day I got it!
He made the knife I have especially for me with a green micarta handle. The blade is a sheeps foot type thing(Wait for the pics you will understand) about 2.5 inches long with about that for a cutting edge....the best way to describe it is to tell you its an exacto knife on steroids.....

It cost about $140 for the Clip Witch and I cant complain, Its well worth my time and money to purchase such a great knife!
If you would like a Clip Witch or any other of the great blades and tools by Rik Palm, head over to his web site at

This is the Kabar Becker Combat Utility 7 *
(or BK7)
Out of the box, this blade was Razor sharp. Its fairly well balanced and the handle is very comfortable. Its blade is quite beefy and tends to give good action in cutting and slicing work. The sheath pouch is deep and could fit either a leatherman super tool or a mini kit and is quite secure as it has an elastic strap across the top of the pouch which will help in retention of the knife. a month after I bought this, another was sent to me to test and I have since taken it on many excursions. I thing this blade can stand side by side with the Cold Steel SRK in utility and comfort. Its average price is similar as well and I would say its a matter of personal preference as to which blade you buy. I do have to say its a hard choice as to which one I take into the field now!!!
PS: Im not sure where I got this pic of the BK7, If  its yours, let me know and I will credit you. Ill take my own pic when I get the time.

Gerber Multi-Plier 600
This is the Gerber Multi-Plier 600 series Multi Tool made by Gerber Legendary Blades. This tool is about the best day to day companion for the money. The tools are handy and well thought out and lock securely when opened. Those of you who have gashed your fingers on other tools and knives closing at the wrong time will appreciate this feature. Features include the following:
Length Open = 6.625" Length Closed = 5.125" Weight = 8.0 ounces, Materials = Stainless Steel, Ballistic Sheath
Features = Needle-nose Pliers, Replaceable Saw Blade, Wire Cutter, Crimper, Standard / Metric Scale, Philips-head Screwdriver, Bottle / Can Opener, Drop Point Blade, Large, Medium, and Small Flathead Screwdrivers, File
The kind of people who carry them as part of their job is a testament to its quality: Military personnel, Police officers, paramedics, fire-fighters, construction workers and forest rangers!  In addition the author and his fiancé both own these tools and swear by them. They have also been endorsed by Ron and Karen Hood of Hoods Woods Wilderness Education . The Gerber Multi-tool is featured on Karen's Cave Cooking Series and also on the Woodsmaster Series.

BRKT Fox River
Bark River Knife and Tool: "Fox River"

  (From the site: The Fox River has been our Most Popular Hunting Knife design since its introduction in 2004. The Fox River is a hunter but its Crossover to other outdoor tasks has added to its popularity.
The Change to an Upgraded Steel enhances the Field use of the knife by increasing the edge retention of the knife. Jason at DLT (Who actually ordered this run) Asked Mike to enhance the ergonomics of the knife and make it almost like a totally new model in the Professional Series.)
This knife has become one of my favorite bushcraft knives. It fits in the hand like it was born with me! The blade keeps a great edge and when it did come time to sharpen it, it was a quick, easy operation! It does well feathering sticks for fire building, splitting kindling, building trap triggers, slicing fruit and dressing game! In all, a fine blade to grace your belt!

Overall Length: 8.25 in
Blade Length: 4.25 in
Blade Steel: CPM3V
Steel Thickness: .170 in
Weight: 5.8 oz
Hardness: 59-60RC
Get it here

Blackjack Knives "Grunt"

I got this blade a while ago and did an initial review of it (Here) . For the past year and a half I have been using this knife on and off in the field and it stands out as a darned good bush knife. Its comfortable in the hand and batons through limbs for kindling and other tasks like a champ! This bad boys only issue was the crappy sheath it came with. With help from Dave Haldenwang, a local leather worker, my grunt is sporting a beautiful leather sheath (that cost twice what the knife cost, and WORTH EVERY PENNY of the $40!!!!)  In all, a fine blade for a new outdoors person or an experienced one looking to have a backup blade.

Cold Steel Bushman
For the money, the Bushman may very well be the strongest survival/outdoor knife in the world! Unlike most hollow handle survival knives, there is no joint or seam between the blade and handle that requires a mechanical fastener. Instead, the Bushman's blade and integral handle have been expertly cold forged out of a single piece of 2.5mm thick SK-5 high carbon steel. The resulting knife has been heat treated and tempered to RC54 and when subjected to factory tests, has withstood over 2 tons of pressure on its blade/handle transition point without failure! (CS)
The quality of the Bushman came as a complete suprise to me. sure I had heard others from the Hoodlums and Plainsman's Cabin forums raving about their trusty Bushman but I guess seeing is believing. On a whim I ordered the Bushman and when it came in, I was fairly unimpressed. The thing is nor very attractive with none of the nifty contours that its contemporaries have. i took it out and tested it and BOY WAS I WRONG. The knife can chop dig and slice with the best  of them, splitting wood for the forge, removing saplings and other yard waste and various and assundery tasks around the property. Its only failing is the sheath it came with, while attractive in a primitive sense, its not built to last. I recommend having a sheath made for this knife by ON SCENE TACTICAL.
Click  here for more info on the Bushman

The Cold Steel Bad Axe
The Bad Axe is a very interesting little chopper. Its designed as a throwing and combat axe but seems to work for many other applications. It makes short work of light firewood and saplings and is a great machete substitute. Nice tool, which goes for a good price.
Click Here for info on the Bad axe

Cold Steel Spec Ops Shovel
Designed after the Soviet Spetnaz Commando Shovel, the Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel is quite a survival tool. It can chop like an axe or Machete, slice like a knife and be thrown like a tomahawk.  and low and behold , it digs!!  basically its one of the best, most economic tool for outdoors and survival you can buy. This and a Cold Steel Bushman will be a great combination for an inexpensive survival cutlery set.
I use this tool all the time and love my Spec Ops Shovel dearly. It has replaced my tomahawk and sometimes the Machete on many of my trips to the woods. It either lives in a loop on my sholder bag or in my hand opposite my walking stick.
Click Here for info on the Spec Ops Shovel

Victorinox Swiss Army Rucksack
Victorinox has designed what can best be described as the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for the survival minded, the Swiss Army Rucksack has all the features you need in a survival situation. The knife blade is a good deal longer than the average SAK and locks firmly in place, an feature valuable to those of us who have gnashed our fingers folding a regular SAK up on them. The Saw cuts like a laser through most wood and makes short work of bone, antler and PVC. The awl is identical to the useful tool found on most other SAK models and retains is usefulness as a field drill and sewing implement. The Can opener is the best around and the flat head screwdriver works very will for its intended purpose. All in all, my only complaint with this knife is the addition of the cork screw, while handy for wine bottles, it has little utility outside that purpose and would be better replaced with a Philips head screw driver. This however does not sway me from the opinion that this knife is the ideal pocket knife for the outdoorsman. The price is right too; selling at a mere $29.95, you can't beat it. It pays for itself its first time in the woods. Its always in my pocket and finds itself being useful in "Regular life" all the time.
You can find the SAK Rucksack at

Cold Steel Kukri Machete
This is the Cold Steel Kukri Machete. I just got it but so far it seems to perform up to spec with some of the heavier blades I have used. I especially like the feel of the grip which seems to engage the hand and fill it quite nicely. the standard flare of the back of the grip present in most Kukri knives and reproduced here gives it a nice secure swing. it adds something to the design that I really like, a lanyard hole! The sheath is ok, not great but ok and allows the blade to hang from the belt nicely. re-sheathing and drawing take a little getting used to. One fault I have is the damned sticker Cold Steel insists on putting on the blade of the machete. Its just ugly. I coloured it with a black sharpy and it will work itself off of the blade in time. Ill add to this as I get used to using it, heres what Cold Steel has to say about it along with a few stats: Model CS97KMS: Kukri Machete W/ Sheath Cold Steel, Inc. There’s no single edged weapon that we can think of that can out-chop or out-cut a good Kukri. Of course it’s true that the best Kukris, like our LTC and Gurkha models, can be somewhat expensive. While those “thoroughbreds” perform extraordinarily well for the money that they cost, it sometimes seems that what’s required is a good, inexpensive, “workhorse” model. Our Kukri Machete IS that workhorse. It features the distinctive weight-forward balance of our “top-of-the-line” models, and always presents its edge on an angle so it’s guaranteed to “bite” DEEP with every stroke. This knife, with its included, sturdy Cordura sheath is a solid value—a bargain priced Kukri— ready for long, hard work. Specifications: Blade Length: 13.0" Blade Thickness: 2.75 mm Overall Length: 18.0" Weight: 16.0 oz. Blade Material: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish Handle Material: 5" Durable PVC Compound Sheath: Cordura Sheath

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